Get Rid of Top 5 Epson Printer issues and their Solutions

Epson printers are great to use when they are installed properly with their compatible driver. However, still, there are some issues which can surprise you when you try to print with your Epson printer. These issues are the most common issues like connectivity issue, speed issue or performance issue. All such issues can be directed towards the technical team available at Epson printer support number


Following are the top 5 Epson printer issues along with their solutions:

  • The printer is not printing: This is the most common issues with Epson printers. Make sure the printer is properly connected and all the cables are correctly attached. If you are using the wireless printer, then check if the printer is connected to the right printer.
  • Speed issues: The speed issues can arise because of the absence of the appropriate print driver. Make sure to install the compatible driver as per the model of the Epson printer you have. Try adjusting the print quality to low to get quick prints.
  • Paper jams: The other common printing issue is facing paper jams frequently. This can happen due to the wrong positioning of paper or the paper you are using doesn’t meet the standard requirements. Loading too many papers at the same time can also result in paper jams. Make sure the paper you are using is of good quality.
  • Poor quality text or images: Try increasing the print quality to get the best quality prints. Also, check if the ink cartridge has been installed properly. Make sure the current ink level is adequate or replace it with a new ink cartridge.
  • Wi-Fi printing speed issues: Another common printing issue is when you use the Wireless printer and the Wi-Fi is taking too long to produce the output. Try keeping the Wi-Fi nearer to the printer as it might improve the Wi-Fi speed and performance. Also, the Wi-Fi router should meet the basic requirements.

These are the top 5 issues which you have also faced if you have installed Epson printer with your system. There are several other issues which can occur over time with your printer. But for every issue, there is a solution. The easiest option is to contact the technical team who can guide and help you in getting out of all the issues with Epson printer. Don’t forget to call at the Epson printer help number +1-800-279-1380 to get the best and genuine technical solutions.

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